Top 10 Wireless Infrastructure Solution Providers 2017

Within years of its inception, wireless has become an integral part of WAN for end-device connection method in enterprises. At the outset, Wi-Fi implementations were designed with a focus on wireless coverage over capacity. However, the advent of the BYOD movement, escorted by an influx of new devices, is fostering a radical transformation in enterprise WLANs. Enterprises are fast catching up to 802.11ac Wave 2 AP, which brings the value of MU-MIMO and the competence to service up to three coinciding streams to different users. Treading on the heels of this latest Wave 2 AP is 802.11ax—the next-gen Wi-Fi standard that ushers in orthogonal frequency-division multiple access (OFDMA) for improved spectral efficiency in addition to higher order 1024 QAM modulation support for greater throughputs.

Meanwhile, cloud-managed WLAN is making headway as it overshadows the traditional model of on-premises WLAN, engendering faster deployment and alleviating bottlenecks. Adding a perfect touch to the cloud service is RAN virtualization that fosters optimized use of existing hardware resources to avoid over-provisioning, thereby empowering organizations to maximize their capital investment. The market today is replete with umpteen solution providers that can help companies prepare for the upcoming surge of network technologies and consequently retain their position at the top.

To help CIOs navigate this flourishing domain, a distinguished panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, VCs, and industry analysts, along with IT Infra World’s editorial board has enlisted the leading wireless infrastructure solution providers that are at the forefront imparting cutting-edge solutions to meet the vital needs of the industry. The listing offers a look into how these solutions are put to use, thereby enabling wireless infrastructure adopters to gain a comprehensive knowledge as to how they can optimize their businesses.

We present to you IT Infra World’s Top 10 Wireless Infrastructure Solution Providers 2017.

Company Logo Company Name Company Description
Airborne Wireless Network (ABWN) Airborne Wireless Network is establishing next generation, global connectivity using commercial aircrafts to bridge the gap between wireless and satellite data communication
BAI Communications Builds, designs, owns, and operates communications networks infrastructure for both cellular, Wi-Fi and safety connectivity in transit systems globally and national broadcast networks
Brocade Brocade networking solutions help the world's leading organizations transition smoothly to a world where applications and information reside anywhere
Cisco [NASDAQ: CSCO] Simplifying the management of wireless and wired networks with guided workflows for the intelligent WLAN and Converged Access
Extreme Networks [NASDAQ:EXTR] Provides ExtremeWireless WiNG that seizes the power of disruptive technology to convert the physical into digital intelligence, changing your outlook and your outcomes
Intelligent Wireless Networks Developer of Wi-Fi network solutions that allow rural communities to access sensors and devices for running and pulling real-time agriculture data
Mimosa Networks A provider of 5G Fixed wireless solutions that deliver fiber-fast connectivity at a fraction of the cost of fiber-to-the-premises
NETGEAR [NASDAQ: NTGR] Solving the quandary of individually configuring, deploying, and managing multiple standalone wireless access points
Powercast Corporation Powercast’s wireless power solutions automatically charge wireless sensors and other industrial, commercial and consumer devices with Power Over Distance.
Qualcomm [NASDAQ: QCOM] Bringing advanced wireless technologies to undeserved communities globally, improving lives with programs that strengthen economic and social development