Brocade [NASDAQ:BRCD]: Transforming Networks

CIO VendorLloyd Carney, CEO Today, network connectivity and mobility are more important than ever as more than three billion people are presently accessing the Internet and 20 billion Wi-Fi-enabled devices. With the increase in Wi-Fi devices, organizations are striving to offer end users seamless wireless network experience wherever they are, irrespective of the device. Be it an enterprise or an educational institution, establishments of all shapes and sizes are aiming to provide reliable, high-performance wireless connectivity to users in every corner of their premises.

Lloyd Carney, CEO of Brocade [NASDAQ:BRCD], a premier networking solutions company with a market cap of $5.19 billion, reckons that best-in-class networking is an absolute requirement for business agility in any organization and these networks are defined by high-performance wireless connection at the network edge. Whether for students, hotel guests, medical personnel, or office employees, organizations require a network infrastructure that integrates high-quality wireless access with a wired backbone to deliver the growing levels of performance, scalability, flexibility, and security. A network enabled by the Brocade Campus Fabric technology provides the ideal foundation for wireless network infrastructures. Brocade delivers best-in-class, open-wired network underlay infrastructure committed to offering open and secure multivendor wired and wireless network solutions.

Brocade’s solutions that span the entire network from the heart of the data center to the wireless edge, meeting the escalating demand for connectivity and mobility. The company’s solutions and products are open and agile, enabling customers to build networks as platforms for business innovation. Brocade’s industry-leading Wi-Fi performance enables fewer access points (APs) to handle more traffic and deliver better coverage in challenging environments and ultra-demanding networks through high-performance switches with no over-subscription and PoE+ on all ports. The company’s wireless architectures, from on-premise to virtual to cloud to controller-less, give customers near-unlimited scalability while the Campus Fabric scale-out architecture delivers ease of upgrade, management, and pay-as-you-grow scalability.

Brocade Campus Fabric technology and Brocade Campus Network Switches help businesses meet the growing wireless performance needs with a variety of scaling options.
This innovative technology collapses multiple network layers into a single logical switch, flattening the network and eliminating deployment complexity while simplifying network management and reducing operating costs. Brocade Campus Fabric technology eliminates unnecessary network layers to create large management domains that reduce individual switch touchpoints, minimizing maintenance time and costs. The Brocade design integrates switches from multiple families across multiple physical locations into a single, logical, centrally-managed device, reducing administration time and speeding resource deployment.

Brocade’s strategy is built around the New IP, designed to take full advantage of the trend toward open and virtualized IT infrastructure

Brocade’s wireless solution helps organizations achieve their critical business initiatives as they transition to a world where applications and information are omnipresent. The company is extending its proven data center expertise across the entire network with open, virtual, and efficient solutions built for consolidation, virtualization, and cloud computing. Brocade partners with companies of all sizes to deliver innovative solutions that help organizations maximize the value of their most critical information. Brocade’s solutions are being leveraged by numerous Global 1000 data centers as well as large enterprise and service providers to facilitate network consolidation, convergence, virtualization, and cloud computing.

Wireless Infrastructure across Industries

In committing to advanced 802.11n wireless technology, network administrators must ensure that every aspect of wireless LAN is both reliable and compatible with other pieces of the network. The best way to ensure compatibility is to find an equipment provider offering a broad range of wired and wireless networking gear. With the industry’s broadest wired and wireless networking portfolio and a long history of delivering business critical connectivity, Brocade offers all the pieces necessary to deploy a wireless infrastructure.

One such industry where Brocade has been a leader in delivering wireless infrastructure is K–12. The Brocade Mobility product family not only delivers comprehensive security and centralized management but also addresses the critical elements for deploying enterprise-class WLANs that most networks lack. Brocade protects a school’s network investment by delivering a wireless network that supports advanced applications like Voice over IP, without dramatically increasing the number of APs or changing the network design, minimizing operational as well as capital costs.

As schools become increasingly dependent on connected learning, WLANs play an increasingly important role in the management and administration of K-12 schools. However, deploying a high-quality wireless network that supports the technical and business requirements of K-12 schools is not simple. In fact, early adopters have learned the hard way that most WLAN systems were primarily designed to deliver basic data applications, like internet access and e-mail services, to few users rather than bandwidth-intensive multimedia applications in crowded classroom settings. A new smarter wireless LAN architecture addresses the emerging requirements of advanced applications, user behavior, and educational IT requirements by combining centralized security and management with system-wide air traffic coordination and control.

Adopting the New IP

Brocade, specializing in data and storage networking products, had originally stepped in the market with their Fibre Channel storage networks and has its range of products to include third platform technologies or the New IP—a new way to architect IP networks, which include both hardware and software, to provide profound business and technology benefits. Brocade’s strategy is built around the New IP, designed to take full advantage of the trend toward open and virtualized IT infrastructure. The Brocade virtual services platform includes a virtual router, stateful firewall, VPN, and NAT in a single software suite. The company also offers application delivery controllers and load balancing for virtual and cloud services, including scalable Layer 7 application security, performance tools, and the industry’s first multivendor OpenDay light SDN controller.

"Brocade’s wireless solution helps organizations achieve their critical business initiatives as they transition to a world where applications and information are omnipresent"

Building the Future

Being an active contributor to the Silicon Valley Startup Common—an ecosystem of entrepreneurs, mentors, and investors determined to help startups get off the ground and grow—Carney has made it his mission to pass on wisdom to younger generations. Guiding the new generation of millennials who want to make it big in business, he encourages them to follow their dreams and be adaptable to changes in their climb up the success ladder. These tenets helped Carney surge ahead and develop innovative products and solutions that are truly revolutionary.

Brocade’s networking solutions are assisting some of the world’s leading organizations to turn their networks into platforms for business innovation. With solutions spanning public and private data centers to the network edge, Brocade has become one of the key organizations helping transition the industry to New IP network infrastructures, catalyzing the era of digital businesses.