BAI Communications: Ubiquitous Connectivity

The end of 2016 marked the completion of a five-year rollout of wireless connectivity in the New York City subway system that commenced in 2011. Completed almost two years ahead of schedule, the plan brought wireless connectivity to 279 underground subway stations connecting commuters, MTA personnel, and law enforcement officials on-the-go; thanks to Transit Wireless, a BAI Communications company.

Transit Wireless CEO, Bill Bayne says, “Our solution enables commuters in every underground station to stay connected to whatever they were connected aboveground, or to connect while on their journey. We are proud to have made it possible for riders to stay up-to-date on current affairs, to connect to social media, or to call and text their family and friends while in the station. To have accomplished this project two years ahead of schedule is a testament to our capabilities, and the tremendous partnerships with our customers, the MTA, and government agencies through our dedication to improve the lives of subway riders.”

“BAI Communications builds, designs, owns and operates wireless and fiber communication infrastructures for urban transit systems around the world. Our teams’ accomplishments in New York City, Hong Kong, and Tokyo are a testament to our global capabilities,” says Jim Hassell BAI Communications Group CEO.

For New York City, which has one of the largest and oldest subway systems in the world, cellular and Wi- Fi connectivity has been a long time coming. According to Bayne, “The New York subway is a challenging environment to build such a network in with trains running 24 hours a day, seven days a week, lots of people moving through the subway and enclosed conditions with little space for communications equipment.” Transit Wireless has successfully modernized connectivity in the underground subways with free Wi-Fi service, and by extending cellular coverage for AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile.

Harnessing the power of innovative technology in networking, BAI Communications and its subsidiaries assist transit authorities to design, build, and operate highly available Wi-Fi and cellular communications networks.

Our solution enables commuters in every underground station to stay connected

To begin with, BAI Communications’ team closely studies stations and tunnels, both underground and above the ground, and then designs, develops and builds the infrastructure for wireless connectivity for riders and transit internal operations. The firm’s technology expertise covers Wi-Fi to 2G, 3G and 4G/LTE subscription services, to public safety communications such as TETRA and the 4.9 GHz public safety band. In New York, Transit Wireless provides secure and reliable communications ensuring passengers can report incidents instantly via E911 or one of the 3,000 help point kiosks spread throughout the subway system.

One of the aspects that continues to drive BAI Communications to a leading position is its proficiency, high level of expertise, and longtime partnerships with transit authorities. With a strong pedigree of design and build of communications networks and a powerful arsenal of Wi-Fi technologies at hand, the firm is committed to developing wireless solutions catering to the diverse security, capacity, and reliability needs of the customers.

From New York City, Toronto and Hong Kong subways to Boston’s commuter rail system, BAI Communications is on a mission to keep people connected throughout their journey. As technology develops with next generation 5G services, they are designing wireless infrastructure networks that can be upgraded to future generations of technology in a seamless fashion.