Cambium Networks: Connecting the Unconnected

CIO VendorAtul Bhatnagar, President & CEO
Today, wireless technology is all around, from Wi-Fi service in a conglomerate to fast 4G LTE in smartphones alongside Bluetooth running everything a human has access to—from printers to subway terminals. Wireless networks have fast culminated as the most powerful tool for boosting productivity and sharing information regardless of borders or boundaries. The latest technology right from “Internet of Everything” all the way to BYOD is contributing toward driving the number of broadband connections and bandwidth consumption, increasing the need to have a secure and undeterred wireless service. Fast emerging as a pioneer for providing seamless wireless broadband solutions, Cambium Networks offers an extensive portfolio of reliable, scalable and secure WiFi, fixed wireless broadband point-to-point (PTP) and point-to-multipoint (PMP) platforms, managed by cloud-based software.

The company understands the need for high-quality broadband solutions that have become the highest standard of connectivity for businesses and consumers in order to succeed in an ever-changing and demanding globalized society. Cambium’s ePMP platform meets this challenge with their breakthrough connectivity solution imbibed with innovative GPS sync technology, offering scalability, high-quality performance, and reliable access to unconnected communities. Built on a legacy of field-proven technology, ePMP is a groundbreaking platform assuring optimal long-term performance for all. The ePMP networks combine accessibility, quality of service, reliability and scalability to build strong and sustainable business models, even with low ARPU customers.

On the other hand, the company’s PTP sub-6 GHz backhaul links is providing the vital infrastructure for networks to continue working, regardless of the environmental conditions.

If we can connect the seemingly impossible spans, just think what we can do for an organization

The PTP backhaul solutions offer reliability and performance, with Dynamic Spectrum Optimization (DSO) that automatically samples and changes channels to avoid interference without affecting link service. They also proffer the highest throughput in the minimum amount of spectrum and automatically optimize transmission speed to yield the best throughput. To simplify the design of networks, Cambium developed LINKPlanner tool, whether they are PTP or PMP. LINKPlanner allows users to easily and quickly design networks for optimal deployment and cost effectiveness.

The journey for the company so far has been far from ordinary, from offering a throughput of 7 megabits per second to delivering speeds up to 450 megabits in unlicensed and 1 gigabit in licensed spectrums today. In an instance, E-vergent that provides broadband connectivity to 3,000 business and residential customers in Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin saw a rise in noise levels as more devices continued to connect each day. The rising noise level was making it difficult to find clear and usable spectrum, affecting the performance of all systems. They switched to Cambium’s ePMP 2000 Access Point (AP) that includes Hypure technology which uses smart Beamforming and Intelligent Filtering in addition to the GPS synchronization. E-vergent witnessed new improved and seamless performance with less interference.

As the President and CEO of Cambium, Atul Bhatnagar puts forward, “I care so much about expanding wireless broadband across great distances because high-speed Internet access should not be limited to wealthy, densely populated regions.” He further adds, “Wireless should extend just as easily to people who live in remote places far from urban centers. And if we can connect the seemingly impossible spans, just think what we can do for an organization.” Cambium Networks wants to continue maintaining its legacy as the wireless network solution provider who connects the unconnected.