Carousel Industries: Stay Connected Relentlessly

CIO VendorJeff Gardner, CEO
Today’s digital communication needs are highly personalized, often continuous, and increasingly multi-media based. With the explosion of smartphones, tablets, and other devices, network managers are burdened to manage the complexity in wireless network infrastructure. To boost wireless capabilities, today’s enterprises are looking for detailed network assessments and careful planning of the corporate network. Carousel Industries, an IT and services company, designs a wireless infrastructure to support business objectives and enable collaboration between employees, customers, and guests. “Carousel remains committed in providing an unparalleled customer experience in each of our focused business practices including data, unified communications, cloud services, and more” says Jeff Gardner, CEO, Carousel Industries.

As wireless networking is at the core of today’s business strategy, Carousel’s managed services—SmartPoint Essential and SmartPoint Assure—establishes a framework to manage various digital capabilities and also align the IT resources with the strategic business objectives. SmartPoint Essential is specifically created to support maximum uptime and reliability of voice, data or video, thereby providing a cost effective and robust wireless IT infrastructure.

Without a holistic view of the corporate network, IT departments can never be sure when they require new wireless equipment or software upgrades, making it difficult to accurately budget and plan. Carousel’s SmartPoint Assure provides the real-time visibility into the IT network and helps administrators to fill the operational gaps through careful planning, which in turn prevents occurrence of outages and disruptions in prior, before they become catastrophic. With the SmartPoint Guard, Carousel provides customers an extensive platform of IT security managed services, solving issues such as lack of coverage, interference, and poor throughput or performance offering.

The company’s extensive partnerships in the mobility space assist enterprises to advance from their current network infrastructure by orchestrating the flow of information with seamless connectivity across mobile workers.

Carousel remains committed in providing an unparalleled customer experience in each of our focused business practices including data, unified communications, voice, video, and cloud services

This way of sharing knowledge and seamlessly working together anytime, on virtually any device, from nearly any location helps IT industries to increase productivity, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction.

Carousel is partnered with technology companies to efficiently design wireless infrastructures and empower IT departments in every aspect of work and personal communication. For instance, Oral Roberts University (ORU) wanted to launch ‘One Campus’—a digital global learning center that connects students from all over the world—to efficiently access classroom programs, work portfolios, and carry out their works online. ORU turned to Carousel to design a wireless infrastructure across its entire campus, which will enable the University to link students all over the globe. By leveraging the unparalleled expertise of Carousel’s wireless technology and managed services, ORU brings One Campus to reality, achieving a completely digital society.

“In today’s IT universe, there is a growing synergy between business and IT—making IT leaders increasingly responsible for supporting their organizations’ topline initiatives. As a result, IT leaders turn more progressively to their technology providers as strategic advisors on the solutions and services that will help them best meet their objectives and stay ahead of the innovation curve,” says Gardner

Moving forward, the firm works on to rollout new solutions and services for designing, implementing, and operating advanced wireless network architectures by integrating best technologies. The company will also continue to stay true to its mission—“At Carousel we believe in providing our customers with the highest levels of customer service and helping them with the right technologies to solve their business problems,” concludes Gardner.