Black Box Network Services [NASDAQ:BBOX]: Building the Right Wireless Infrastructure

CIO VendorEC Sykes, President & CEO
For years, businesses built their wireless requirements around a simple Wi-Fi-based strategy. But the rapid proliferation of mobile devices and their massive data requirements have changed the wireless ecosystem. However, coverage and capacity issues continue to plague Wi-Fi initiatives and, “it is challenging IT departments to create an environment that enables seamless employee productivity as well as user satisfaction,” states EC Sykes, President and CEO, Black Box Network Services. While the majority of IT Departments are fundamentally rethinking their strategy in building wireless systems, Lawrence, PA-based Black Box Network Services [NASDAQ: BBOX] develops the right solution to fit the customers’ mission-critical wireless needs— creating an agile and supportive infrastructure for both immediate requirements and future growth.

“Our teams of engineers can create a solution that helps meet the customers’ facility and budgetary requirements, and ensure a positive return on their IT investment,” says Sykes. As one of the industry’s premier technology solutions provider, BBNS offers comprehensive wireless network solution featuring both Wi-Fi and DAS to assure complete support for all devices and a means to manage overall demand.

BBNS enables mission-critical WLAN with InnerWirelessHD3, an advanced deployment methodology that enables independent control over WLAN for high-density situations. Leveraging industry standard and enterprise-grade access points (APs), InnerWirelessHD3 enables multiple, independent WLANs to coexist in high-traffic areas or across the customer’s facility to optimize coverage, capacity, and criticality for all users. With InnerWirelessHD3, AP locations are engineered for optimal RF coverage, multiple WLANs and channel layering are used to provide capacity, and network performance is optimized by managing the applications and devices. InnerWirelessHD3 enables all key WLAN services at both 2.4MHz and 5GHz for high-density deployments.

Our mission has always been to provide solutions and services that enable our clients to fully optimize their communications investment

In addition, BBNS brings wireless coverage indoors through an in-building, wireless distributed antenna system (DAS), called InnerWireless4G.“It enables key wireless services with mission-critical service quality,” says Sykes. Leveraging both best-in-class DAS solutions and unique know-how, BBNS’ InnerWireless4G enables virtually any wireless service for the customer’s enterprise—across a facility or across a campus. The firm offers a variety of DAS options to fit customer’s specific needs. From traditional DAS support for smartphones, two-way radio, public safety, amongst others to convergence technology—Ethernet and wireless LANs—and Small Cell integration capability, Black Box helps ensure equal support for all carriers, with one design supporting modular growth.

“At Black Box, our mission has always been to provide solutions and services that enable our clients to fully optimize their communications investment,” extols Sykes. For instance, the underground Rockefeller Center Concourse, wanted to deliver seamless wireless connectivity to its visitors. However, wireless signals could not penetrate the labyrinthine Concourse, which ran underground through several city blocks in the heart of Manhattan. The only way to provide coverage was to install an in-building distributed antenna system (DAS). BBNS worked closely with the Concourse owners and wireless carriers to design and engineer a system that would meet their needs. In the end, BBNS provided wireless coverage for hundreds of visitors to Rockefeller Center which resulted in increased communications. Furthermore, BBNS’ solution provided Concourse with the capability of supporting multiple services, protocols and applications, including two-way radio, paging, and emergency services.

Going forward, BBNS will continue to examine each new technology objectively, and will seek out the best products and solutions to add to its extensive portfolio. The firm is committed to uncovering new products and solutions that will help customers solve their communications and infrastructure challenges. “We will remain at the forefront of innovation through our long-standing relationships with technology manufacturers,” concludes Sykes.