Agile Networks: Delivering Mission Critical Connectivity

CIO VendorRobert C. Brick, Founder, Chairman, & CE
The hybrid network is now at the heart of every business, powering more applications, connecting myriad of devices and carrying more data than ever before. However, the wireless infrastructure market is currently in a phase of transition as network operators seek to address the increasing mobile traffic demands, performance and connectivity issues. This paradigm shift is bringing new challenges and opportunities to infrastructure vendors. “Enterprises need to have continuity of operations and the ability to deal with the insatiable demand for increases in capacity and higher performance,” states Robert C. Brick, Founder, Chairman, and CEO, Agile Networks. To help enterprises overcome such mission critical challenges, Ohio-based Agile Networks, offers efficient networking solutions with tools to ensure that enterprises stay operational even when networks are down while remaining fiscally responsible.

“It is imperative for a network to deliver better performance and be operational in all situations and in any environment,” says Brick. Moreover, “hybrid networks allow the network administrator to provide the stability and speed of a wired connection where it is needed and the convenience and portability of a wireless connection.” Therefore, through placing an emphasis on the advanced engineering of a hybrid network, Agile Networks has established a strong backhaul network with fiber at its core to serve as a backbone for demanding applications. Using the strength of fiber-optic combined with advanced wireless microwave technologies, Agile has created a hybrid network—The Agile Network—an open-access network that allows for interoperability and utilizes vertical infrastructure to provide efficient data solutions. Alternatively, Agile provides last-mile services to its customers once The Agile Network is live in an area. The service offers the flexibility of connectivity—customers get the correct connection anywhere to propel their organization forward. “We have the ability to push connectivity over the river and through the woods to locations needing reliable connectivity,” says Brick. “The concern of overcoming certain geographical challenges is mitigated due to wireless microwave delivery of our service.”

The concern of overcoming certain geographical challenges is limited due to wireless microwave delivery of our service

Engineered to the stringent specifications required to support public safety, The Agile Network boasts carrier-grade performance. In addition, a wide range of value-added solutions are available through Agile like Voice over IP, machine to machine communications, and disaster recovery/redundancy.

“With technology constantly evolving and advancing, it is necessary to have our fingers on the pulse of the industry,” says Brick. The firm’s Innovation Lab provides a place to create and test custom solutions for unique challenges and offers a space for learning. Besides, the firm’s team members engineer the customer’s project in a way that best fits their environment. Additionally, Agile has a Network Operations Center that operates 24/7 and allows issues to be identified within the network prior to customers feeling the effects of any downtime.

Agile Network’s innovative offering, is designed to the requirements of any industry vertical with rapid deployment abilities for quick connectivity and serves both rural and urban areas. For instance, the firm has worked with the State of Ohio to future-proof the public safety communication system, MARCS. By unifying disparate resources, Ohio was able to transition away from restrictive T1 connectivity and take advantage of a communication network that had the ability to expand and support advanced technologies. The State of Ohio is now positioned to implement LTE technologies into their existing infrastructure. Subsequently, Agile Networks has established Ohio’s first and only statewide network capable to transport data at 1 Gig speed through 280+ sites.

Agile Networks is proud to solve big problems that have persisted in the market and is focused on delivering solutions positioned for the future. The firm looks forward to expanding its reach throughout Ohio and bringing on new customers in its current coverage markets. “We will continue to increase the overall radius of our hybrid network by bringing together additional disparate resources currently beyond the border of our existing infrastructure,” concludes Brick.