Transit Wireless: Offering Uninterrupted Transit Connectivity

CIO VendorWilliam Bayne, CEO
Organizations today leverage the most modern technologies to run their office infrastructures. Wireless technology has become essential for the contemporary business and has also been widely deployed in public places for people to stay connected while on the move. Wi-Fi networks eliminate the demand for docks and cabling, making data transmission seamless. Companies, to succeed amid tough market competitions, need to incorporate new age technology by engaging with the right service providers to support their requirements. Transit Wireless, headquartered in New York City, NY is one among the most expansive Distributed Antenna System (DAS) network providers helping enterprises globally with advanced connectivity. “Transit designs and installs robust networks to satisfy the growing customer expectations,” says William Bayne, CEO, Transit Wireless.

The company offers a superior level of engineering and project management expertise to organizations in building an efficient wireless infrastructure through turnkey solutions that include designing, equipment specification and installation along with connectivity, authentication, and network operations. Transit Wireless’ superior processes enable private, public, and business customers to achieve better results in terms of speed, efficiency, cost, and reliability. The firm’s Wi-Fi services are seamlessly available even at places like underground stations and metros and is specially designed to provide a multitude of services and applications to users. The company enables quick media and content delivery, business to business services, Machine to Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoTs) connectivity.

Transit Wireless specializes in designing and building indoor and outdoor neutral host and multi-band DAS that enable cellular connectivity in areas with less than adequate coverage as well as venues that require increased capacity.

Our goal is to make underground station connectivity accessible to everyone with a cellular or Wi-Fi enabled-device

These installations are also readily scalable to meet growing demands on a network and forthcoming technologies such as 5G and future bands of connectivity. The network assures high quality connection while roaming throughout an area without missing a beat even when moving from an open street to underground area. This efficiency is achieved using a core combination of indoor Distributed Antenna Systems (iDAS) and outdoor Distributed Antenna Systems (oDAS). The company does not fail on its part to ensure seamless connectivity through round the clock monitoring with emergency on-site remediation and technical issues being addressed within 24 to 48 hours of the incident.

The firm’s Prowess as a wireless infrastructure provider has brought in bigger responsibilities such as designing and completing the New York City subway station project where it built a broadband communications infrastructure—a system that operates 24/7, handling 1.75 billion riders annually. “The wireless infrastructure that we are building goes beyond the convenience of making a mobile phone call or accessing the Internet from a station platform; the technology supports public safety through the ability to make E911 calls and access assistance from help point intercoms,” asserts Bayne. The company’s expertise helped in surpassing project goals and exceeded the expectations. Transit Wireless is only a few steps away from completing the project nearly two years ahead of schedule.

Transit Wireless continuously invests in improving its products and services to better serve customers. The company is planning to launch free subway Transit Wireless Wi-Fi in all 279 Manhattan, Queens, and Bronx underground stations to provide quick and easy internet on the go. “Our goal is to make underground station connectivity accessible to everyone with a cellular or Wi-Fi enabled-device,” states Bayne. This would enable companies to offer its customers with the luxury of surfing the web, emailing, listening to music and staying connected while travelling.