SecurEdge Networks: For a Progressive Mobile World

Today, the upsurge of mobile devices along with cloud applications is making a strong point for businesses to rethink their methods of building networks. In an attempt to deliver agile networking service, firms find the “constantly wavering” Wi-Fi technology quite complex, security being a primary hurdle. “A dexterous mobile networking is about a system that supports users, who are always connected and online, and provides visibility for management without sacrificing security,” explains Philip Wegner, Founder and CEO, SecurEdge Networks.

Not so long ago, when the Charlotte Mint Museum moved to its new uptown facility, the biggest challenge was to build a secure wireless network. Observing the explosion of handheld devices, the museum wanted to install a wireless system to support guests and employee access. To design and install a wireless network solution that would bring connectivity throughout the new facility, the museum engaged SecurEdge Networks for a secure wireless infrastructure, services, and mobile applications. The company’s team designed and implemented the newest wireless technology allowed the ‘guest access’ benefit. Guest access separated the guest traffic from museum employee traffic on the network. This helped the Museum to easily track visitors on their wireless network and prevent malicious activity.

“Our goal is to provide wireless infrastructure, services, and support to organizations to increase productivity, effective learning, collaboration, and business growth,” says Wegner. SecurEdge provides secure Wi-Fi systems customized to users’ unique needs and applications. With the expertise to plan, deploy, and support the latest high speed standard 802.11 Wireless Networks, the company delivers seamless wireless voice over IP with industry leading reliability and wireless LAN access for employees and visitors. The company uses an enterprise-wide WLAN deployment to provide precise location tracking of any Wi-Fi device in the facility.

Enterprise mobility demands concrete wireless and network infrastructure on-premise, but many of the advanced features are costly to buy and complex to assemble and manage. “At SecurEdge, we’ve simplified secure mobility solutions by framing state-of-the-art wireless and security services for organizations on their private cloud,” asserts Wegner.

Our goal is to provide wireless infrastructure, services, and support to organizations to increase productivity, effective learning, collaboration, and business growth

With the company’s EdgeManager, cloud-managed Wi-Fi becomes easy, allowing organizations to visualize coverage, users, and devices in real time.

SecurEdge builds software-based intelligence in the fabric of the organization’s network. The company’s wireless management system enables IT staff to manage the wireless infrastructure, control different types of devices, and maintain compliance with the industry standards for security. The system features simple user interface, user centric, multi vendor management and mobile and fixed edge management. Along with these services, network security should be up to date to safeguard organizations from malicious activities. SecurEdge’s solutions empower organizations to have complete control over applications, users, and content. The company’s Role Based Access Control reduces the risks of attacks as SecurEdge detects hack threats to prevent productivity loss, compliance issues, threat propagation, and data leakage risks.

To detect threat in organizations’ networks and implement effective application controls, SecurEdge has recently developed a joint solution with Palo Alto Networks. The solution provides customers the precision, actionable intelligence, and technical agility needed to respond proactively to any emerging threat. “Innovation and growth is part of our DNA. Understanding that today’s best technologies and solutions may be different tomorrow, we are constantly learning and growing to understand those changes and bring that expertise to our clients,” concludes Wegner.